We have been in the market for more than 13 years supporting many companies to protect, secure, authenticate and promote their products, brands and more. Over the years we have developed many state-of-the-art techniques that provide greater security and have expanded our ability to offer more effective hologram labeling solutions to our customers.

In our short history, we have developed holographic and generic labels for many companies in Mexico, Central America and South America. Fortunately, due to technological advances through our manufacturing process, we have been able to lower the minimum order quantity to support smaller companies, so our custom holographic solutions are accessible to all types of companies.


Our focus is finding solutions in Holograms high quality and High security labels, accessible for all, offering a wide range of materials, security feature and value-added technique. We are different from other companies.

Although most manufacturers still only serve large companies and the price of their services are excessive for their pockets, we serve all types of companies and the price of our services is based on costs and reasonable profit margins. We’re different. We like different. Our newly built website is proof of this.