Solutions in hologram labeling is our main business area. We offer our customers highly effective solutions to meet their needs for labeling, authentication, security, protection and packaging.


The differentiation between authentic and counterfeit products is very important and sometimes decisive, particularly for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, wine, musical and premium products industries.

Counterfeiting is a serious and widespread problem that requires proactive measures to combat.

 Securing products with holograms adds an additional problem for counterfeiters to find difficult or impossible to duplicate, as a result holographic labels and micas help us build consumer confidence with a product or brand. We used several techniques to make each Holographic Master production completely unique.


Many industries have a need to protect and secure sensitive documents, materials and products. We offer several levels of security and protection through the use of Tamper Evident materials, adding design, label characteristics and adding security elements that contain value such as inks, variable information, laser engraving.


Control of unauthorized access to laboratories, universities, government agencies, companies, corporations, concerts, fairs, banks, exhibitions and other restricted areas can be done quickly by identifying and verifying legitimate form, fighting against identity fraud, with the application of a holographic Label and / or a security Mica in the business cards or some important document we can avoid it. A look at the document will help you verify if the card is genuine or fake.


Holograms are not always used for safety and protection purposes. Due to their high visibility and visual appeal, holograms are often used in packaging, products, magazines, books, bottles, envelopes, invoices, documents, badges, etc. This adds style and attraction. We strive to create labels with high visual appeal as this often leads to designs that are very difficult, impossible to duplicate. In addition to the aforementioned solutions, we also offer many industries tailor made solutions to meet your specific needs.

Contact us to support your needs so we can design a solution for you.